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There is light in their eyes
We are "young people" in this industry.
Industrial inkjet printer is an industry full of cold technical parameters, and everyone is pursuing cold technical parameters.
Young, this is the age of restlessness, because it is faced with all kinds of cold machine data for a long time.
Let us become "old-school" young people.
Does cold mechanical energy bring warmth to the world? This is our question.
Until I met them:
A young man shared his new clothes with me and said, "do you think this pattern is very individual?"
A beautiful young girl shared it with me with a brand-new mobile phone case and said, "Does this color match my clothes?"
A lovely little girl shared her cup with me and said, "I love this pattern.". Very cool.
A housewife shared with me the decoration style she specially designed for her family, saying: All these are in line with my family's aesthetics, and my design is recognized by my family, and I am very happy.

For a lot of time, I heard more and more people share with me how they show their individuality through some customized products.
A pen, a mobile phone case, a dress, etc. ........
Just in my professional field, I remembered the question: Can machines bring warmth to the world?
I think of a key word:
In the inkjet printer industry, it brings value to people by printing beautiful patterns.
I am convinced that color can bring warmth to people. The world is also so beautiful because of its color
Inkjet printers allow people to communicate with the world at a temperature by printing personalized products. Let people show their individuality and communicate with the world through the color with temperature.
CAN will be our pursuit.
We have been seeking to share with the world: the colors printed in the most accurate way.
TUCAN was born with a heart obsessed with color.
Our story is very ordinary. Fortunately, I met "them", otherwise we would not have the heart to share our passion for color with the world.

Our sloganTUCAN, drawing the color world.

When you have "TUCAN", the world is full of colors because of you.
After establishing TUCAN brand, we consider two things when creating products: color and precision.
Like other leading brands, TUCAN's products are durable. Our design combines appearance with functionality and durability. We were founded in 2011 (the pursuit of color after that moment) and headquartered in Guangzhou, China. We have the skills to make inkjet printers and want to share our passion for color with the world. Since its establishment, TUCAN brand wants to spread its products all over the world and fill every corner of the world with colors. We will strive to become an excellent inkjet printer brand to achieve our goal.


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