Deju Digital Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Cylinder printing
1. Suitable for UV flat plate printer printing
2. Cylinder fixture should be used for coordination
Fabric printing
1.Garment printing
2.Silk printing
3.polyester fabrics
Board to print
Print pattern on board, can be applied to household industry
Indoor and outdoor advertising printing
1. Outdoor advertising printing
2. Print small advertisements indoors
3. Auto sticker printing
Mat printing
1.Floor mat printing effect quality is high
2.Wide range of applications
Electronic device panel printing
1.Charge printing
2.USB Flash Drive
3.Phone case printing
Ceramic background wall effect display
* Ceramic background wall print showing the nobility
* High color reduction
Leather printing with high accuracy
* Vivid patterns and natural colors
* Widely used in printed products needed in daily life
Bamboo screen printing
1.Bamboo curtain printing scheme
2.Environmentally friendly latex printing solutions