Apr.2024 17
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TUHUI introduced the innovation of industrial inkjet uv printer into Indian market
TUHUI is taking an important measure to further strengthen the supply of industrial inkjet uv printers to the Indian market, and at the same time develop its support for inkjet printer OEM business.
The development direction of India's digital printing industry, coupled with the scale and growth prospects of the local economy, needs a new focus to meet the needs of India's uv printer market. TUHUI has joined hands with an innovative local enterprise to support India's domestic demand for industrial printers and expertise before India becomes an active exporter. At the same time, it provides all conveniences for printing enterprises and equipment manufacturers in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and provides detailed assistance for printer engineering capability, selection and OEM. All these are directly contacted with TUHUI and provided by us.

This cooperative relationship also includes product cooperative development, support of accessories consumables and software, and the ability to create waveforms to achieve the best printing effect. It also provides customers with fast access to TUHUI's Global Inkjet Technology Center in China, which is TUHUI's industrial inkjet application professional technology center to test the compatibility of UV printers. The experts of the center designed and tested the uv printer system to optimize the performance and reliability, so as to make the flat-panel printer achieve the best desired effect.
TUHUI said that specifying the combination of detailed technical components, such as print head and inks, is very important to support India in establishing design and manufacturing industries. This requires professional knowledge sharing and support, including technical and commercial support. Business support starts from verifying the development concept and sets the path for the final products that the industry can use. Technical support in the integration process is usually the difference between a bad uv printer and a good uv printer, a uv printer with problems in function, performance, reliability and life, and a fully supported uv flatbed printer which is designed to be the best in all these aspects. Many factors combine to provide this support, from suggestions on driving electronics and fluid supply systems to compatibility testing and specific waveform development of inks to be run in printers.
TUHUI is a global leader in inkjet printer production technology, and has solved a large number of applications from entry-level to some of the most productive industrial printing equipment in the world. In cooperation with Indian companies, TUHUI aims to enable printers and equipment traders to use TUHUI's first-class inkjet system in India and provide reliable and high-performance uv flatbed printers to the market.

The CEO of India Company said, "We are very proud of our cooperation with TUHUI Company, and are pleased with the possibility of putting TUHUI's series of uv printers and production technologies into the Indian market. TUHUI's team in China has provided excellent support and in-depth application knowledge. It will be an exciting and beneficial journey ".
The printer driver electronic system and related printer software are widely used by OEMs in India and all over the world. Most of these manufacturers purchase these systems from third-party suppliers in Europe or other countries.
The vision of the Indian company is to cooperate with TUHUI to design and develop a system that surpasses its peers in terms of performance and quality, and at the same time become a cost-effective alternative to the uv flat-panel printer system.
In addition, this year, TUHUI cooperated with India's digital printing machine production company to jointly develop and produce digital printing machines suitable for the Indian market in TUHUI's global production and sales network.